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We serve Harrelson, Halding, Douglas, Herd, Al Randoulph, Clayburn, Cherokee areas.

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Various Sizes To Meet Your Needs

We've built over 4,000 Superior Structures. With all that experience, we will help your dream garage become a reality.

Constructing Classic Garages

We are focused on quality workmanship while we build your new classic garage, and you can always count on top quality, American-made materials.  

Trust our local crew with over 18 years' experience to bring

the garage of your dreams to life. Call 770-832-9939.

Are you tired of seeing the same of style of garages? Whether you're looking to build a deluxe garage for your home, or as an additional storage space for your home or business, we've got you covered.


We use the strongest, American-made materials, all the way down to the screws.

Bringing A Deluxe Garage Your Way